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Do You Realize How NOT Super Easy WordPress is to Admin?

Do you know the difference between pages and posts?

Do you know the difference between the control panel and the CUSTOMIZE area?

Do you realize that that simple top menu could be changed in three different places?

Do you realize that Facebook sometimes has to be debugged so it properly reads your WordPress pages?

Do you know what Yoast SEO is all about?

Do you realize how many plugin snafus can totally screw with your dinner plans?

Do you know that if you don’t have good content, you’re probably not gonna like ANY WordPress theme in existence?

Do you realize how hard it is to control 100% of how WordPress shows your website on a computer vs. tablet vs. phone vs. a PDF file?

Do you realize that sometimes you should just let someone who’s lasted more than 8 seconds with WordPress do the work for you?

So you can get back to your actual work again?

So you can be a human being again?

So you can enjoy the idea of having a WordPress site again?


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